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Pair of Sterling Silver Gilt Candelabra by CJ Vandor

Maker is CJ Vandor ltd 1963 , made in London England , They are 11in tall, and weigh 90 ozs 

The origins of the company date back to Alexander Macrae who established his business in 1856 in Covent Garden, London.

In 1870 he entered into a partnership with Martin Goldstein changing the firms name to Macrae & Goldstein. In 1878, the partnership was dissolved. Martin Goldstein continued to trade under his own name until 1886. At this time he sold the firm to Cornelius Joshua Vander, who was actually originally an apprentice to Macrae & Goldstein.

Vander entered his first mark on 18 October 1886, while he was based in Soho, London. C J Vander continued until his death in 1904. At this time the firm was continued by his sons Alfred and Henry Vander.

In the 1920s Henry’s sons Henry and Arthur, and also Alfred’s son Norman entered into the firm. The firm continued to succeed at home as well as in the USA, where C J Vander managed to cultivate a wide export business.

Later in the 1930s, the firm became a limited liability company, changing the name to C J Vander Ltd.

By 1996 the firm was acquired by Syratech Corporation, owners of the leading silver brands in the USA.

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