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Devez Nancy French Cameo Art Glass Vase

This vase is 7 3/4 in tall and in Mint  Condition , a very handsome vase.

A little history i found online , 

E. S. Mont founded a glassworks at La Villette near Paris in 1850. Mont moved to Pantin, a Paris suburb, around 1855. By 1859, the company was known as Cristallerie de La Villette.

F. Strumpf joined the company in 1868, at which time it became Mont & Stumpf. When Mont’s son joined the company in 1873, the name became Monot Pere et Fils et Stumpf.

In the late 1850s through the early 1880s, Mont & Stumpf and its successor made cameo glass using the trade names of deVez and Mont Joye. The word deVez is a pseudonym for De Verraux, the art director at the Pantin factory. The company changed its name in 1894 to Stumpf, Touvier, Violette & Cooye.

After World War I, Legas & Cie acquired the company and changed the name to Verreries et Cristalleries de St. Denis et Pantin Reunies. The company ceased operations in 1939.

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